Some of the palms that we export ...


It is a lonely palm tree, 4 to 5 meters high. The trunk has a diameter of 20 to 30 cm, and occasionally is underground. Each ring has 11 to 20 pinnate, arching leaves, measuring 80 to 170 cm in length and are light green in color. They subdivided into 49 to 53 leaflets on both sides, which are shown arranged in a “V”. Gallery

Phoenix Canariensis

Large palm tree, with a trunk (stipe) thick and very leathery, leaves (palms) in dense plumes webbed, can be 2 to 7 meters long. The flowers are arranged in dense clusters orange. smaller than the dates fruits. They are solitary palms, it reaches a size of 10 to 13 m tall and 50-70 cm in diameter, armed; thick stems with pods of persistent leaves. Gallery


This is a genus of palm trees 6 different species from the Australian east coast where it grows in marshy places, wetlands and lush and humid forests and usually in large colonies. It is also grown in tropical or subtropical countries are tall, thin and lonely and leaves are unprotected by not having thorns palms. They are shaped like elongated pinnada, his crown is prominent. The inflorescence appears below the crown and produces unisexual flowers of both sexes. Gallery